Financial Guidance

Unique Process

Waxman Associates provides experienced guidance and support for our clients. Our professional staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the appropriate steps to help your business prosper in today’s strenuous economy and offer services that make a measurable difference in your profitability. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and uncover opportunities for improvement. We deal with the reality of your situation and quantify the appropriate course of action.

Catering to Entrepreneurs

We start by creating a 12-month operating budget for your company. This model will act as your business’s roadmap for success by analyzing revenue assumptions and quantifying all costs associated with operating your business. Waxman and Associates will help you determine your specific cash flow requirements by closely monitoring your budget versus actual results.

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Planning for Success

Careful planning is fundamental to survival and success. Let us help you develop and quantify a clear roadmap for your business.

  • Developing an operating budget
  • Quantifying realistic goals
  • Creating accurate cash flow forecasts
  • Guidance with growth
  • Cost control
  • Turnaround expertise for troubled companies
  • Bankruptcy guidance and financial advice

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